In the new era of customer engagement, customers are won and lost in real-time and they all have different Moments of Truth. Offering your customers the choice of how and when to share their feedback response rates can exceed 50%. FeedINN Platform gathers feedback in two ways – Event Triggered Requests and Listening

Event Triggered Requests are sent at specific points when customers are likely to want to feedback – for instance when they check out of a hotel, receive a parcel or come to the end of a transaction. Listening Posts are on hand to capture feedback from customers whenever they feel the need, at moments that you can’t predict. They can be advertised in-store in a , on all customer facing documents and wherever customers might interact with your brand.

With feedINN feedback management, you can:

FeedINN Survey Capabilities

  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer experience management
  • Product Improvement Survey
  • After Sale Service
  • Training and Course evaluation Survey

Tailor the Survey Experience

The key to create the best questionnaire is to understand the format and the type of questions that can be asked to respondents using a survey. Our Interactive feedback form creation help’s you to ask any type of questions and add them to your feedback form in a single click


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