Virtual Assistant

SeQure Virtual Assistant system is designed reduce your customers waiting time massively through placing them in a digital queue rather than waiting in a physical queue. As it is, SeQure system uses its artificial intelligence to calculate waiting times and manage your customers efficiently in real time. It also allows your customers to be in the queue from a remote location via web applications like SMS, online appointment and so on. The process enhances whole customer service of your company – it helps your staff deal with customers smoothly in office without any long queues and frees your customers from the stress of standing in queue and saves their valuable time.

  • The WOW factor: The audience is presented with an innovative way of experiencing promotional, advertising and informational messaging
  • Tells a story, it’s not just signage: Brings messages to life; one of the most innovative and engaging digital signage products available
  • Influences behavioral change: Connects with the audience providing an entertaining, engaging experience and delivering consistent and clear messages via visual and audible cues
  • Increases revenues: Boosts sales revenues by up to 75% through brand advertising
  • Improves efficiency and allows redeployment of employees: Works 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Guaranteed message consistency: Information is expressed in the way it is meant every time – without loss of quality in delivery
  • Interactive tool: Touchscreen can be used as a virtual helpdesk
  • Multi-lingual: Ability to speak in any language
  • Future proof solution: Provides a lower cost of ownership and a sound longer term investment for the operator